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Information for Professionals 

Referral Process 

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We have 3 main criteria: 


1) The individual must be over 18 


2) They must no longer be in crisis 

3) They have made an attempt on their lives in the last 12 months. 

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What counts as an attempt? 


The service is not for people who are frequently parasuicidal, but for those who have intended to end their lives due to distress in their life at the time.  


The nature of the attempt and how it was prevented is less important than the fact they intended to die. For example, they may have intended to take an overdose but been prevented by someone hiding their medication, or they may have taken the pills and woken up afterwards. 

They may have intended to die by more violent means, but been interrupted and therefore prevented from dying. 

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If you think someone would benefit from the support of the IMP;ACT Team you can contact us through 

We will contact the individual once they have given their consent to a referral, and talk them through the support we can offer. It may be that another service is more suitable, in which case we will signpost them to other support. 
If they agree to participate we will then complete an risk assessment with them, and discuss them at our allocation meetings with the NHS Access Team, so that they can be logged on the NHS system for further support. 

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