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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it confidential?

Within our service what you tell us is confidential unless someone – you or anyone else, is in danger or at risk of harm. The IMP;ACT team who are working with you will communicate your needs to one another in order to help you move forwards and overcome your suicidal feelings and the distress which lead you to feel that death was the only escape.

We might also need to share some information with services we refer you to.

How long is it for?

We can support you for up to 12 months.

What if I don’t like it?

You can withdraw from the service at any time.

What about my family?

Very often when people have thoughts of suicide or act on suicidal thoughts their family can become very distressed. This can then lead to feeling that you are letting them down and making things worse for them, and they can even think you are being selfish. 

The IMP;ACT team can, with your permission, and if your family agree, arrange to meet your family and help them understand suicidal thinking and ways they can help you, and support one another, when your mood becomes low and you feel suicidal.

What if I don't complete my mentoring sessions?

It is important that you complete your Emotional Resilience Mentoring as this will give you the tools and skills to get you ready for the rest of the IMP;ACT work, so unfortunately if you are unable to complete your 4 mentoring sessions we cannot move you to working with a Co-ordinator.


 Will I work with the same Co-ordinator throughout? 

When you are referred to the IMP;ACT team you will be assigned an IMP;ACT

Co-ordinator. This is the person who will work with you thoughout your time with the IMP;ACT service. 

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